Archive | October, 2013

Excellent source of information and knowledge!

If you’re looking for a detailed and thorough home inspector then Leigh is the ideal candidate.

We have used him on 2 different occasions, once for the purchase of our long time family home and once for the purchase of a family members small mobile retirement home.

Both times we have been extremely pleased with the positive experience and feedback.

Leigh takes his time to ensure his clients understand any potential issues or concerns and documents all findings and recommendations in detail.

We’d highly recommend Leigh to anyone.

David and Sandra, Innisfil

October 1, 2013

I recently purchased a new home, and contacted Leigh from Home Advantage Inspections to conduct the inspection on our new property.

I was extremely pleased with Leigh’s services as he was very thorough during the inspection and was well prepared with the proper tools. In his findings he discovered a fire hazard in the attic of the home and brought it to my attention. This problem was addressed and repaired before I took ownership of the property.

Leigh’s detailed home inspection report is very well done, as it highlights all the areas of his inspection and addresses whether repairs are a high priority or not.

I would highly recommend his services to my family and friends.

Derrick and Michelle, Innisfil